• What is tea and tarot?

    Two passionate people, wanting the same thing:

    to show people who to slow down, enjoy the moment and take a break from their worries.


    One uses the power and healing of the ancient art of the tea ceremony, the other taps into her intuition and spiritual practices to guide people through transitions and changes.

    Chinese Tea Ceremony

    Coaching and Card Reading

    Intuitive and insightful tarot readings supporting you explore what matters to you and your life purpose. Raising your vibration and connection to the Divine within with personalised coaching sessions.


    The essence of the spiritual journey revolves around tapping into spiritual power for overcoming boundaries we place on ourselves, our purpose, and our full potential. Let me guide you.

  • Upcoming events

    We have a goal to connect your cause to the people who care the most.

    June: Summer Solstice

    17th June 2017

    Come and Celebrate Summer Solstice! Solstice means "standing of the sun" and it represents a threshold of energizing fullness. Join us as we celebrate the inner radiance in all of us.

    July: Endings and Beginnings

    15th July 2017

    With every journey there are endings and beginnings, the natural circle of life. Join us in exploring, discussing and accepting movements through our journey.


    First Sunday of the Month

    Sunday Reset



    Hit the reset button on your week, month, year.

    You will be guided through a relaxing and rejuvenating Reset meditation, enjoy a full traditional Chinese ceremony and receive energy healing.

    Tickets are donation based, with £10 as a guide

    🙏🏻 guided meditation
    💫 energy healing
    🍵 Chinese tea ceremony

    (This event has a value of over £40)

    Seats are limited so please message me or august moon to book your space.


  • Past events

    Take a look at some of our past events

    January: Preparation for Transition

    21st January 2017

    As we transition from one year to the next let us come together in preparation for an abundant and prosperous year of the rooster.

    February: Rain

    18th February 2017

    As the rains fall, nourishing the ground and warming the earth, we move forward into the purification of February.


    April: Fertile Soil

    15th April 2017

    If we want something to grow, we need to have the right soil to grow it in. The same is true for our dreams and passions. To manifest your best life, you need to work on your life's soil.

    May: Bearing Fruit

    20th May 2017

    Celebrating your achievements. Watching your ideas bearing fruit and sharing a feeling gratitude. You have been working hard all winter into spring. Let’s come together and celebrate the ideas that are budding and those that have already blossomed.

  • TEAM

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY


    Tea has been a saviour in my life. whenever I need the space to put my thoughts, tea is always there. Tea preparation is a sophisticated process where you have to concentrate on the tea, connect with it, and show your respect and love for it. Tea taste requires opening your sensations and being mindful of the subtle changes in flavour, aromas. Sharing tea for me is a way to be generous and humble which is the core concept of August Moon Tea. We like sharing. It creates more happiness and peace in this massive universe.

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY


    Jen is Eve, The Phoenix, Aphrodite and a black coffee drinking, mala bead sporting, tutu wearing goddess!

    Spiritual from a young age it was during her time in South Korea, with the support of the amazing Goddess Network there she was able to come into her own power. Passionate about the sisterhood, Jen knows what it feels like to be loved and lifted by a strong female community.

    From art #thephoenixrisingproject to teaching, she leads from her core values


  • Pre Book your place

    Each session has 10 spaces. Ensure your space by booking early.

  • Our Companies

    August Moon Tea

    Tea has captured the peoples’ imagination for thousands of years. Having tea is a form of communication – of communicating with the tea as well as with others. Sharing tea with our family and friends also means we share time with our loved ones. Possessing these qualities, tea helps us understand life. You need to grip your cup tightly but also learn to let it go, easily but steadily.


    Here at August Moon Tea we wish to share these experiences with others. We strongly believe that tea has the power to create a flow of energy that connects people just as the energy we take from the warmth of August and the brightness of the moon.


    Our tea

    We sell tea from carefully selected sources, ranging from black tea, white tea, and Tibetan tea to a small quantity of green tea. Excellence and quality come first for us and for that reason we sell our teas in small quantity. Particularly green tea should only be purchased in a small batch because in order to enjoy it to its full extent it needs to be consumed fresh.


    Our tea wares

    Our excellent personal connections to suppliers in China enable us to share a range of exclusive, handmade or hand-painted tea wares with you. We wish to provide you with the best quality products to meet the high expectations of a true tea lover. Whether you prefer bamboo, clay, china or even glass, we hope our tea ware range will leave you in want of nothing. We believe in the quality of our products and are sure you will be satisfied, too.

    More gifts from China


    Eve's Temple Coaching

    http://evestemple.strikingly.comSpiritual Coach, Tarot Reading, Holistic Facials, Energy Healing



    Heal. Worship. Balance. Restore.

    To heal the body and spirit through the beauty of spiritual intuition and conscious touch.



    It is my wish that my clients feel nurtured, restored and worshiped during our time together. By using aromatherapy, tarot, energy healing and intuitive massage techniques I strive to unite the body and spirit in the comfort of your own home.


    Creating the temple:

    Using aromatherapy candles, meditation music and loving energy to create a peaceful, nurturing environment in your home. Enjoy being pampered and worshipped in your living space.


    Coaching Ethos:

    I believe that everything is sacred, because everyone is divine. It is my hope to act as a mirror, to show people how dazzling they truly are. To embody love in such a way it's the lighthouse showing the ships lost at sea the way home.

    It's an honour to serve you.